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As a Business Partner with Constant Contact I create, design and write many newsletters for my clients as well as for myself.

Email marketing is one of the easiest and most cost-effective means to communicate to your clients and potential clients!

We’ve just begun a new year and we should take this opportunity to rid ourselves of our old marketing strategies and consider implementing some new ones.  I’m not saying you should stop any type of marketing that has been working for you, but instead, consider tossing the ones which haven’t been as successful!

Each week, for the next 10 weeks, I will be giving you a new email markeing tip to help you on your way to bringing your business to it’s next level.  Please feel free to comment and add your own ideas in this area.

1. Develop a communications calendar – This year, plan ahead. Sit down with your daily planner and look at everything you have coming up. Specials you are offering, Sales events, Networking events you are promoting or attending, Chamber events, Meetings, even personal events like parties, group trips, etc.

Think how you would like to market each event and how you want to market yourself at outside events. Will you be marketing your products, events or specials via email marketing, hard copy marketing or a combination of both? When attending an outside event, will you be bringing your business card and a smile or will you be handing out brochures and promotional items? Make decisions ahead of time so you are prepared and your efforts don’t look like a last minute attempt at being professional.

Plan ahead and you’ll be sure to make some smart moves and connect with the right people! And remember, email marketing is quick, easy, and it fits just right in your financial strategies!

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You know it’s there!  You’ve seen it before! But, it’s disappeared!  Where did it go?  AH! There it is….underneath those piles of papers, files and folders…. It’s your desk!!!  Once again you go through the motions of clearing your off your desktop!  Papers everywhere!  Expired coupons, old business cards, projects not completed, letters you haven’t responded to, bills not yet paid, your grocery list from last month!  Paper clips, gum wrappers, coffee cups, pens, pencils, post it notes all cluttering up your desk!Did you know that that monstrous assortment of clutter on your desk is actually costing you time and money? Your productivity level is lost because you spend so much time trying to find things that you’re losing precious hours you need to complete projects in a timely manner!

What to do?

Here are a few quick steps to take:

Assuming you have a filing system in place, file paperwork as you get it. Don’t procrastinate…file it NOW!

Many tall cabinets and credenzas have flat tops for you to safely store binders, catalogs, phone books and other, not as often used resource books such as magazines and periodicals (old magazines can be donated to the local urgent care / emergency room).

Have and inbox for new projects, notes, etc. A hold box for things which need to be done, but not right this moment. The done box is where you place the items waiting for distribution, mailing or filing.

Minimize the urge to place personal items on your desk. Photographs and knick-knacks take up lots of room on your desk…not to mention that they collect dust! Do you really want to clean anymore than you have to?

There are so many office organizing gadgets on the market these days. Figure out what you particular issue is and I know you’ll find something to help you gain control of your clutter. Of course, if you’re like me, you can get carried away with the wide array of office organizational tools….and that gets in the way too!

Hope these simple reminders help you start the New Year with a new view of your desktop!

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