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Amazing Woman’s Day 2008 – Los Angeles

Posted on: March 3, 2008

Recently I attended an amazing event! And it truly was amazing! A room filled with about 200 amazing business women gathered together to “exchange ideas, and discover answers to the questions that impact our life, work, health, family and community”.

The event, Amazing Woman’s Day 2008, offered us the opportunities to collect “fresh insight, inspire creativity and ignite fresh possibilities”.

Speakers at this event included, Marsh Engle, Women in Broadcast Media and The Marsh Engle Show; Michele Bohbot, Designer and CEO of Bisou Bisou; Jeannie Fitzsimmons, Awakened Heart-Heart Wisdom Seminars; and Marie Diamond, transformational leader and feng shui master in the best seller and hit movie The Secret, just to name a few. 

The energy in the room was amazing and the buzz word that day, was of course “amazing”. We were re-energized, re-motivated, and re-inspired by all the women who attended.

For me, this amazing event was a re-affirmation. Ten years ago I moved to California from New York with my daughters. I had been a “clock puncher” all my working career, but then life circumstances steered me towards going into business for myself.  Like many of the Amazing Woman’s Day 2008 speakers that day, I needed to make huge changes in my traditional thinking, attitude and my way of life.

Going from a “clock puncher” to a business woman was a tremendous stretch for me. Had I stayed in New York, nothing in my life would have changed. But now I was faced with some serious decisions.

Each decision I made lead me to where I am now. Looking back, I am convinced that I made the correct decisions along the way. Even the bad decisions moved me towards my destiny. As I listened to these women speak at the Amazing Woman’s Day 2008 Event I felt that my decsions, goals, and dreams had been validated.  I was also reminded that I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to do AND I can do it well.

We, men and women alike, should never let anyone sit on our dreams. Never let anyone tell you, “it won’t work”, “that’s impossible”, “no one’s ever done that”. The naysayers are out there ready to pounce on your dreams….These are people who don’t have passion inside of them… they don’t have the same motivation, inspiration and dedication to any passion to understand what it’s like to be “AMAZING”!

Be Amazing Every Day!

Eydie Stumpf

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