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Creating strong passwords is important to secure your personal and financial property. But what makes a strong password? 


To ensure you have a password which can protect your high and medium security sites, make it lengthy.  Eight or more characters are suggested. With each character you add you create a stronger barrier around your sensitive materials.


Mix your password with lower case and upper case letters along with numbers.  Some sites now allow you to use the space bar and other characters such as the # or $ sign as well as the underscore key.


In addition, don’t use your name, birth date or other personal information as your password. Even spelling your name backwards can be easy to crack.  Try to use different passwords, don’t use just one or two. Changing your passwords from time to time helps to keep hackers at bay!


Lastly, don’t reveal your passwords to anyone and if you have to write them down, keep them in a central, yet safe location where kids, co-workers and others can’t access them. Never provide your password to unknowns over the internet and never use your password on a public computer such as at the library, internet café, computer labs or other shared computer systems. Keystroke logging devices are inexpensively purchased by hackers and allow them to gather log-in information from shared systems.


To learn if your passwords are secure, use the Password Checker. http://www.microsoft.com/protect/yourself/password/create.mspx

Password Checker is a “non-recording” feature which Microsoft offers to help determine your password’s strength as you type”.


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