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Hello guys. I’m creating my first website and I want to put some videos. I searched Google and I found some sites but none of them is understandable enough for a beginner like me… I can’t understand anything since I don’t have any experience with html/php coding… so if any of you knows a good place with recourses for newbies please share! Thanks.

Would love for you to come over to our new website: http://www.eydiesoffice.com. This blog you found is old. The focus of the new site is to help, as best we can, newbies in the area of social media and email marketing. Do you want help in learning how to do it yourself, or someone to assist you in managing the backend (coding, uploads, etc)?

I checked out your website, and it seems that you’ve been able to upload a video. Good job.

Eydie 🙂


Im new in forum, so Im not sure if I can post this here in general..
But to the point, what I was asking.. Im from europe and would like to buy things eg. from amazon and ebay, so is it easy and safe to buy with my credit card?
And if you know good methods to buy things..http://netti-kasinot.net/prkl/e3.GIF Pls tell me.

Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with how things work in Europe…. but Amazon and E-bay are safe for making purchases.

This blog is no longer our official blog site. Please visit http://www.eydiesoffice.com for future posts.

Thanks, Eydie 🙂

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