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Have you ever wished for the time to work ON your business?  I wish for it every day!

This holiday season I actually gave myself a HUGE gift!  I gave myself two weeks off to work ON my business. WOW… what a great gift! 

My plan is to write a my new e-book, work on a one-sheet and bio for Speakers Network and get ready for my Internet Radio Show interview on Speakers Network!  So far I’ve got half my ebook completed and I’ve  been off for one week!  Christmas held me up somewhat so I am hoping to get some more full days without interruptions to finish up!

Having this time to work on my business has been great. It’s given me the opportunity to redefine where I want my business to go and how I am going to get there.  I may just schedule in 2 days every month where all I do is work on business building and furthering  my success.

My suggestion to everyone is to make some time in your schedule for your business. If YOU don’t work on it then who will? No one believes in you and your business more than you do. You are the one with the vested interest in it. Don’t let your business become stagnent and weak. Keep it strong by giving it a new look or added features. Always continue to work on growth – learn new techniques, become more visible and open your mind to new goals and visions.

Happy New Year!

Eydie 🙂


What is holding you back from brining home the income you need?

Doubt, Fear, Anxiety?

You might think, yes…. you doubt your capabilities, thoughs and ideas. You fear the unknown and failure. You’re anxious about whether or not people will talk or if your ideas are good enough!

Well, then answer is not yes…. it’s NO…. Doubt, Fear and Anxiety are only the results of years of programing! You have all these pre-concieved ideas that you’re not really worthy of success. You really don’t know how to live with success. We become conditioned to think and behave in a certain way, to achieve certain levels of success!

As a child you were told, “money doesn’t grown on trees”, “you must work hard for your money”, “only the rich get richer”. These are myths which we have bought into during our childhood and beyond.

But NOW, you must re-claim your power! You must be able to change. You must ask yourself, “what can I do to augment my income”?, what can I do, right now, to change my thinking about success”?

Change brings on a unique opportunity to make a better life for yourself…and others! What can you do to change your thoughts, your position, your thinking? Do what it takes. Be commited! Be passionate! Change from the inside out….its the steps you take, not the skills or talents you have and what you know!

Stop buying into the stories of why you can’t do something! Write new stories about how you will do something!

You’re never too old to change…. why not start right now!

Eydie 🙂

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