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Recently, my clients have been asking me about Facebook, Twitter and blogging. They haven’t yet taken the leap into this new, exciting….and sometimes intimidating landscape and they are not sure where to begin – or even SHOULD they begin.

“Why should I be on Facebook or Twitter?”, they ask?

Let me begin by saying that Social Media Networking is NOT for everyone nor is it for every industry! Anyone who is considering entering into the Social Media arena should make sure that it is a good fit for them and their industry. I’ve had concerns from people who are attornerys, and in the insurance & financial industry who have expressed an issue with posting anything online.  I’m sure that there are many bloggers and Facebook fans who are lawyers and financial planners and insurance brokers who are active Social Media users, but the key thing to do is to verify whether or not your industry frowns on it or not….then it’s a matter of YOUR comfort level and the reasons WHY you want to become involved!

So, here we go. Social Media is very simply any  TOOL or SITE which allows INTERACTION with its users!  If you can comment on a site, interact and engage in conversation with others, or even re-arrange the design of the site, well, then that’s Social Media!

Networking is users TAKING those tools to make CONNECTIONS with people how have similar interests and then BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with them.  While building relationships with people not only around the country, but around the world, you are helping to teach others about WHO you are and WHAT you do!

I suggest that you take TWO first steps! 

  • Create a blog. Through blogging articles, uploading pictures of yourself and your products, and adding videos, you are letting people know that YOU are the EXPERT in your field. Your content should be educational, engaging and entertaining. Teach others what you NOW (not always about the products and services you offer) and get them to respond back to you. If you can do this and be entertaining all at the same time then that’s even better.
  • Sign up for a Facebook account: If you are on only one networking site then let it be Facebook!  It allows you to not only add your current “real world” friends, but it gives you the greatest opportunity of all – meeting people from all over the world!  Your potential clients don’t necessarily have to be in your own geographical community – they can be anywhere!

Whether Blogging or on Facebook you are making connections.  While you are building relationships people are getting to KNOW, LIKE and TRUT you!  And just like in “real world” networking, people do business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST! Social Media is just another avenue for you to use to get yourself in front of other people!

Did you know that in 2007 only 24% percent of the American population was getting their news from the Internet?  Well, in 2008 it skyrocketed to over 40%!  WOW… I think that’s a pretty sure sign that, as business owners, we MUST begin to think about using Social Media resources and ADD them into our current marketing campaigns.

Oh and don’t forget some pretty important people…….. YOUR COMPETITION! Whether or not you decide to jump in and and begin blogging and updating on Facebook…… your competition IS!!  Not only is Social Media a good way to get your name out in the world, but you can watch what your competition is doing as well!  AND what do they say?? “KNOW YOUR COMPETITION”!!!

BOOST Your Business with Social Media!

BOOST Your Business with Social Media!

I could go on an on…and I probably already have so I’ll stop right here!  Read more  in my ebook, BOOST Your Business with Social Media, Your 2009 Social Media Guide for SuccessAlso, register for my teleseminar on February 27, 2009 at 10:00am. If you are a novice or haven’t given Social Media a shot yet, then register for this one hour teleseminar!


Success in 2009!  Eydie 🙂


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